Steps Successful Writers Take to Get a Breakthrough in the Writing Career

Building a successful career as a writer calls for much more than just skills. You need to have a set of tricks that have been used by other writers to make it in the industry. The moment you get things right, writing can prove to be very rewarding. But, just like any other profession, you need to give it the required attention and the devotion it deserves.

If you are planning to be a writer for the long haul, there is a set of guidelines that you should follow. Abiding by these rules will, in turn, give you an edge in scaling the ladder in the field of writing. Here are more tricks you can use to achieve this goal.

  • Set realistic goals

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve is the first step to making it big as a writer. Crave for nothing else but producing good content. Your passion should be the primary drive to writing. Although you are looking to earn a livelihood from your skills, money should not be the biggest motivation. When you have a clear and precise goal of achieving your goals, you are in a good position to work harder when times get rough. Always keep writing, keep pitching, and find new grounds to realize your goals.

  • Develop a professional rapport

Every work of writing that you have done for a client either for free or pay is your building block. Build your portfolio every day by producing work that is worth publishing. Start a website and make it your personal blog for displaying your work. Some sites offer free accounts to get you started. Submit your work for publishing on various websites or magazines. You can submit your articles for publication without getting paid as long as you know exactly what you want to achieve. After all, that free publication can lead to a more paying contract. As a writer, gaining an online presence and interacting more with editors from different publications is likely to reward you with a polished portfolio and reputation that adds an impetus to your writing career. Therefore, focus on building a professional rapport.

  • Recognize your strength and maximize on it

Learn to leverage your skills to improve and give your writing a more professional look. There is a lot of competition in the field of writing, and every writer is working hard to gain the respect of readers. Ask yourself, ‘what other skills do I have apart from writing’? Are you a professional marketer or financial advisor? Find a way to bolster and improve your ability into being more productive in this niche.

  • Have the urge to grow

Keep interacting with other writers, attend conferences, and continuously work hard to polish your writing. Always keep honing your writing skills. You need to be obsessed with progressing to the next phase of your writing career. Also, read a lot. It’s not by chance that most successful writers are avid readers. Familiarizing yourself with pieces done by fellow writers is vital in improving your work.

  • Be persistent and patient

As a writer, your job might get rejected countless times. One thing that should keep you going is persistence. Develop a thick skin necessary to withstand every hurdle that comes your way. You must be able to rise and dust yourself off when you fall. Similarly, be patient! Rome was never built in a day. It may take some time for your target audience to respond positively to your work. But, once you have their attention, you will not regret. As they figure out on that, keep honing your skillful, creative content.

  • Work on your network

Networking isn’t always a priority for writers. However, networking is an integral element in career advancement. Build relationships with other writers, publishers, editors from all walks of life.  We all have something to learn from each other. After all, it increases your chances of getting published and winning deals. Always make a point to attend conferences, writing discussions and book reviews. It is a better way of building your network in your field of writing.

  • Be resourceful and reliable

As a writer who is determined to make a name and develop the best relationships in your network of writers, publishers, and clients; you will be required to be reliable and resourceful. A competent writer is a huge plus to a client. Besides, always keep your promises and try to meet your clients’ expectations.

Most importantly, you have to rise to any conceivable challenges. Keep doing what you love, and do it passionately. Always, work on your writing skills if this is what makes you happy. The road may be bumpy and painstaking. It may take some time, possibly weeks, months or years. But sooner or later, you’ll get to a point where almost everything will be simple for you. Until then, keep improving your work, give it all you’ve got, persist and repeat!