MBA Degree: Why Get It and How to Combine Education and Work

It is a time-proven fact that it is never late to study. Also, it is a fact that an MBA can significantly increase your salary. It’s curious that Master of Business Administration alumni who left their positions with wages approximately $50,000 per year to begin their full-time programs noticed an 80% growth in their salaries upon graduation. You can trust Bloomberg Businessweek surveys. An impressive return on investment (RoI) is just one of the numerous reasons to select MBA even when already holding one degree.

Why Join MBA Program

We have more good reasons to join business administration programs. It is never too late you just need to submit a persuasive application essay and explain why you deserve this type of education at an interview. If you are not sure in your writing or persuasion skills, you can get some help online. Most people go for writing services such as essaysource. Some of such companies specialize in writing admission papers and cover letters. Make sure to do some research before taking your pick.

Benefits of having an MBA diploma go beyond what we’ve mentioned before. Here are some of the top reasons to get one:

  • Increased career prospects and salaries

It is possible to raise your wage from $50,000 to $100,000 within a short period. Also, you can become a CEO or business owner instead of being a senior or even a junior specialist.

  • Relatively cheap tuition fees

While many students find the cost of MBA programs a bit high, they forget to consider RoI. You will cover the debts very fast if you manage to successfully graduate and find a job thanks to your new diploma.

  • Free access to an extensive business network

Earning an MBA degree means building long-lasting relations with business experts as they often teach students in business schools. You can pass some kind of internship or have a part-time job by getting in touch with your professors. Moreover, you get to study with future CEOs and business owners.

  • Opportunity to launch your own company

By attending MBA courses, you will learn more about how to start your own business. From marketing to creating business plans, students obtain valuable knowledge and skills that help launch a career as an entrepreneur.

How to Combine MBA and Work?

Whether you’re a part of a rotational internship or full-time employee, it is possible to combine your professional activity with education. Here is how you can do that.

  • Pick the right program

Try to select a program that matches your current field. You may combine, for instance, technology and finance.

  • Ask administrators for help

Program administrators can help you choose the right program. Do not be shy to contact them and ask for counseling.

  • Choose a proper rotational program

If you do not have a job yet, look for a rotational program or internship that relates to your MBA program directly. For example, it could be a position of HRM manager helper or sales manager assistant.

  • Learn to prioritize tasks

You won’t get far without mastering time and task management. Learn how to delegate responsibilities, compile to-do lists and set the right priorities.

Getting an MBA is a challenging but rewarding journey, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get one.