Use These Innovative Strategies on How to Make a Paper Longer

For every academic paper, there are rules and guidelines on how it is to be completed. One of these rules is a specified length. Remember that the word count stipulates the limit rather than the target. At the same time, if your paper contains significantly fewer words than those indicated, it could be possible that you have not tackled all the issues outlined in the essay prompt.

Different institutions have different penalties for students who fail to meet the word count requirement, including a possible deduction from the awarded points. While some students find that they have to edit to reduce the length of their assignments, others find that have a harder time completing particularly long essays. The situation becomes more complex when you have to work on more than one assignment at a time. Here, you will find information on the creative ways to extend your paper, without resorting to lazy and obvious fluff.

Is the Word Count Limit an Important Requirement?

The goal of having a specified word limit requirement is to offer students a clear indication of the length of the written work, within which the issues raised in the prompt will be addressed effectively. The word count is meant to ensure that you maintain a desired depth and breadth in your analysis. It is also a way of testing your ability to write concisely, ensuring that each aspect of the assignment is covered in sufficient details.

How Is the Word Count Limit Set and What Is Considered?

The word count limit is set by your department, often giving an allowance of +10% tolerance, above which nothing will be marked. Note that the word count includes everything in the main body of the text, including citations, table, headings, and quotes. As you contemplate ways to make a paper longer, remember that the list of references, footnotes, and endnotes do not contribute towards the word count.

Does Using Space Fillers as a Way for Making an Essay Longer Work?

Fillers are one of the most obvious and laziest ways to increase the length of your essay. This strategy often involves unnecessarily wordy sentences and a series of irrelevant comments. Markers agree that the only thing more annoying than an essay goes well below the stipulated word count is one that is filled with unnecessary words. Your professor will most likely notice this trick.

Another lazy attempt to make paper longer would be to quote excessively. Please note that quotes are only meant to make a point that cannot be stated otherwise. Using too many quotes takes away the originality and appeal of your text.

Other students, desperate to attain the indicated length, opt to increase the page margins and spacing. This strategy is a bad idea as there are often strict requirements for margins and spacing. You will only end up with a paper that looks unprofessional. In any case, most instructors use word count as a way of judging length, rather than the number of pages filled. Instead of using these obvious and old-fashioned tricks, use the time and effort to actually improve the content of your essay.

Here Are Some Innovative Tricks to Lengthen a Paper

The best way to improve the length of your essay would be to improve the content covered. This is a process that starts well before you begin the actual writing. As you prepare, make sure that there is sufficient material for your assignment. Don’t rush through the research process. Instead, have a solid plan to make sure that there is enough information for each element of the essay question. If after finishing the draft, you feel that the word count is not enough you can use the following ways to make a paper longer:

  • Conduct additional research
  • Revisit your prompt or rubric
  • Incorporate more examples in your essay
  • Make effective use of transitional words and phrases
  • Get a professional writer to help

Conduct Additional Research for Content and Use Examples

Sufficient evidence from authoritative sources is a critical aspect of quality essay writing. Whenever you are unable to reach the indicated word count, just search for additional information to compare with or support the ideas you have already presented. The good news is that there exist numerous reliable sources, including journal articles and e-book, from which you could obtain reliable information to back your arguments. The information you add must contribute towards strengthening your points, and should not be a mere repetition of what you have already written.

Revisit Your Assignment Prompt or Rubric

Another way to make your essay longer is to go back to the instructions, making sure that each element of the essay question has been comprehensively addressed. A careful reading of the prompt would likely help you to identify some areas that have not been sufficiently covered. Combine this strategy with that of additional research, and you will have enough content to complete your assignment.

Get a Professional Writer to Offer Assistance

While the ideal would be to complete your assignment on your own, there are times when you may need assistance. Instead of resorting to space fillers and cheap tricks, you can actually get a well-researched paper that meets the stipulated length requirements by hiring professional writers online. Top writing services like ours can ensure that your paper is completed on time, based only on your instructions and quality research.

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