How to Write a Good College Application Essay in an Easy Way

Every year, more and more students submit their applications to top colleges, resulting in heightened competition for limited slots. Considering the fact that the admission officers often have only a few minutes to go through each application, students should use the application essay as a chance to showcase their talents and interest and tell their story in a unique way. Unfortunately, students are seldom taught how to write for college application. If you are having trouble in this regard, then you are in the right place. Here, you will learn useful tricks for effectively writing a college application essay as well as guidance on where you can get reliable help.

Is a College Application Essay Really That Significant?

College admission essays play an important role in the highly competitive application process. Top universities receive thousands of applications for limited slots. These papers serve as a way of choosing the ideal candidates from a pool of applicants who have similar credentials. In most cases, the application essay is written in response to a specified question, with a maximum length imposed. From your text, the admissions panel will be able to infer certain attributes that cannot be demonstrated in the other aspects of your application like GPAs and test scores. It also gives the college a glimpse of your intentions and goals, and whether you are a good fit for the institution.

Consider the essay for college application as your megaphone – a portrayal of your worldview and your ambitions. This important document is not a mere regurgitation of your accomplishments. Instead, you should use it to tell your story with passion, using captivating anecdotes that highlight your interests, character, and values.

Although course, grades and standardized test scores are the main factors considered during the admissions process, the other elements of your application, particularly the essay, can be the difference between being accepted and getting a rejection. Don’t approach the application essay as an obstacle, but rather a chance to communicate with the admissions committee. Use the chance to sell yourself and flaunt your talents without sounding pompous.

Here Are Some Useful College Application Essay Tips

As previously noted, the application essay reveals something about you that cannot be achieved by your test scores and grades – your personality. Don’t rush through it. Read through several college application essay examples to get you in the right frame of mind. Remember, the secret is in planning and carefully executing that plan. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Start with familiarizing yourself with the prompt
  • Brainstorm ideas before creating an outline
  • Let your initial draft flow and be honest
  • Carefully proofread and make corrections

Start with Familiarizing Yourself with the Prompt

Effective writing demands a clear understanding of the requirements and instructions. Ease yourself into the process by carefully reviewing the prompt or essay question. Even when you have finished writing, you will still need to read through the text to ensure that it adheres to the instructions. The college application essay format and referencing styles vary between departments. Just make sure that you have understood what is required before you proceed. Does the prompt require you to defend, inform, or support?

Brainstorm Ideas Before Creating an Outline

Beginning your essay is often the most challenging part. You can start with brainstorming ideas that will form the backbone of your paper. As you brainstorm, remember that the admission panel will likely have hundreds of other applications to consider. As such, your essay should be as concise as possible and should be within the stipulated word count. As you brainstorm, make notes of the important points, which can then form the basis of your outline.

Be Honest and Let Your Initial Draft Flow

Once you have noted down what you intend to include, the next step is the actual writing. As you prepare your first draft, don’t worry about grammar and spelling. You will have the chance to edit and fix the mistakes later. At this point, your main concern should be allowing your ideas to flow freely.

But, how long should a college application essay be? Most colleges offer explicit instructions in regards to the required length. If the word count is not indicated, we recommend writing a paper that is concise and clear, long enough to highlight your key strengths. About 600 words should be enough.

Make Time to Carefully Proofread and Make Corrections

As you want to be taken seriously as an academician, this will not be achieved by presenting a paper strewn with grammar errors and typos. Take time to carefully read through the text, checking any formatting, grammar, and spelling mistakes. What is more, consider getting someone else to help with the proofreading as he or she may identify mistakes that you may have missed.

Get a Professional to Help with Writing and Editing Your Text

While the ideal would be to complete the admission essay on your own, this may not always be possible. Whether you are unable to work on your paper due to lack of the necessary skills, insufficient time, or language barriers, you can get top writers from academic writing services like ours to help you with your paper. This way, you are guaranteed a well-written and accurately formatted paper delivered within the stipulated time.

Who Can Help You with Your Application Essay?

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