Tips for Excellent Personal Statement

The first thing you should know about the personal statement is that it should be unique. Your task is to win the attention of admission committee. And with the excellent personal statement you can cope with it easily. Important to remember that each word and fact in your personal statement will be used to decide whether you’re a good candidate for the particular university or not. So, do your best to make it shine! Here are a few tips to help you.

1. Explain the reasons

It might sound too obvious, but there are still a lot of students who just ignore this point. Write honestly about why you want to study at chosen education institution.

2. Why are you the best candidate?

This is another simple point that should be described correctly. Just tell the admission officer why you fit the bill. But words is not enough, so be ready prove it with facts.

3. Out-of-class activity

The best thing that will show your personality is the out-of-class activity. Tell the admission committee about your achievements apart from studies.

4. Is it relevant?

Here is the time for your experience to be described. Tell more about it and explain what you have learned. For example, you can tell about volunteer experience or competitions. It can be useful for the university, and you have to present it properly. Besides, it’s good to speak about your career expectations and the relevance of your knowledge and experience.

5. Tell about your skills

Skills are crucial. Tell about your teamwork or time management skills. If you have any leadership potential, don’t forget to mention it. But don’t just list your skills. Give various examples to prove them.