7 Major Challenges Every Writer Faces and the Appropriate Solutions

Writing as a career can be very rewarding to those who have high regards for this niche. However, this career has its fair share of challenges. The thing is that it can be hard to influence a reader unless you are an author of best-selling books. At the same time, writing, just like any other profession, has its ups and downs which most writers face.

There’s a long list of diverse genres of writing, including but not limited to writing greeting cards, comic books, personal poetry or commercial advertisements. You can also consider becoming a ghostwriter, blogger, screenplay writer, songwriter, video game writer, travel writer, fictional writer, media columnist, or a legacy writer if that is your career of choice.

Needless to say, article writing is the most popular choice in the modern world as this demand is driven by the desire for meaningful online content that appeals to masses and attracts traffic. Additionally, the roles like a writing consultant, writing Instructor, or creative coach writer still attract people who want to join the writing industry.

Like any other career, writing has its challenges that you should be aware of. The journey of each writer can be different, but the struggles that each one faces are almost the same. Here are some of the common hurdles and their remedies:

  • Experiencing a writer’s block

Every writer at some point in time has experienced the feeling whereby he/she doesn’t want to write anything. This is called writer’s block. If not resolved at an early stage, writer’s block can be detrimental to the life of a writer. If you have had this problem before or are currently going through it, try to take some rest. Also, read widely to get new ideas.

  • Stiff competition from other writers

Competition in the field of writing is incredibly widespread these days. This is especially because of the availability of the internet, which gives every writer an equal chance to have their content known. Nonetheless, competition should never be a hindrance to your writing career. The best part of it is that the more the competition exists, the quicker the field is developing. Keep honing and working on your craft as it is the only way to beat the competition.

  • Getting paying clients

The fear of choosing writing as a career stems from the fear of not finding good paying clients. Sometimes writers get writing jobs, but once they complete the task, the client does not pay them. This is very discouraging. Nonetheless, it should not deter you from writing. Keep at it as you look for credible clients.

  • Inability to get traction

It’s hard to attract readers to your blog or post on social platforms for any writer. It takes months, or even years, of hard work and content development-unique content. No one is interested in reading something that lacks quality. You may be stressed, but with the right amount of efforts and research into what your target market wants, you will gain the right traction.

  • Overwhelming clients

Any experienced writer will tell you that they have once or twice interacted with an insolent client. I’m talking about the type of customers who do not care about your feelings. The best you can do in such situations is to stop working with the client the moment you realize that this is their nature. Insisting on maintaining the working relationship might be futile, and they might end up wasting your time and probably not paying you at all.

  • Lack of confidence

Lacking confidence as a writer is a common problem. It doesn’t matter how skilled or experienced you are, you need to be confident in your work. Being confident is about knowing your worth as a writer and realizing that you’ve mastered your craft. Without confidence, it would be hard to attract good paying clients. Be confident in your writing and set a good price that befits your status.

  • Perfectionism

Sometimes you might feel the need to overstretch yourself because of your desire for perfectionism. It is okay to feel like you haven’t given your all in a particular article. But realize that everything should be to a certain measure. If your focus is perfectionism, then you would have to wait for even longer than you expect.

Contrary to popular beliefs that you cannot live off writing, the truth is that it is a very lucrative career that requires enough commitment to be successful. Therefore, allow yourself to face the challenges that come with success in the writing career and apply the solutions provided in this article.