Writing an Essay as a Way to Develop the Ability to Analyze

Roberto Nevilis first invented homework in 1905, and the assignments have greatly varied since then. At first, those were math problems and brief case studies. Soon, lab reports were added. Today, the most popular homework task is essay writing, and not all students find it exciting. Some of them do not get the idea of this assignment, treating it as something useless and time-consuming. However, here is a list of just a few of the skills that writing tasks train:

  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Brainstorming
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing itself

Writing an essay can help develop a great variety of skills you will need later in your life. Students just don’t understand it. Many of them hate writing. If you are among them, perhaps this article will change your mind.

Skills That Essay Writing Develops

We will start with the least obvious skill associated with writing – research. Unless you need to write a reflective or application essay based on your experience and opinion, you should conduct research before jotting down your thoughts. Students should read a great variety of different primary and secondary sources to get the answers to all questions from the prompt or simply analyze the problem in-depth.

Thus, writing trains analytical skills as they are closely related to research. Analysis, in this case, is the ability to critically assess retrieved information from various sources and pick only credible and up-to-date data to use in the assigned paper. It is also necessary to study every piece of content carefully and choose what exactly to include in an essay and which words to cite. Analytical skills are interrelated with critical thinking, and when you develop one, you automatically develop others.

Time management is another skill you develop when handling essays yourself. The amount of homework (and essays in particular) may seem overwhelming at first, but that’s how you learn to manage your time better. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard though; if you feel overloaded, you can use tech innovations to avoid problems with your studies. One of the most common solutions students go for are online essay writing services like essaysource. Reading essay samples or papers of skillful people is also a good idea.

How to Benefit from Essay Writing

Instead of hating the process of writing, try not to procrastinate with your assignments. Focus on the advantages you can get from this type of activity. Those could be:

  • Look at the famous authors to get inspired – after all, they all started from writing essays and short stories;
  • Look at the list of skills that writing develops once again;
  • Think about how you can use the obtained knowledge and skills in your life and professional career;
  • Treat it as something to reveal your creativity and individuality;
  • Finally, care about your grades – writing tasks contribute a considerable share to the final course grade.

Once you realize how you can benefit from mastering the art of essay writing, you will find it way easier to cope with your assignments. Do not forget that you will most probably face writing tasks throughout your life as most jobs require that. Seeing the advantages will help overcome initial obstacles and lack of motivation.