Is writing a narrative essay complicated?

How do you write a narrative essay?

If you want to know how do you write a narrative essay, you must follow these steps and guidelines. Writing a narrative essay is a time-consuming process, but it can be fun. Anyway, a paper must follow these rules.

  1. A narrative essay is based on your, personal, or someone’s experience.
  2. It must recreate an experience of that event or period.
  3. It must include a lesson learned.

You also must include unimportant details. Maybe they are unimportant to you, but they are important to readers. Also, you should think like a reader. This means that you will get an idea what they want to hear. You should use vivid words and descriptions, because they have a positive effect on the imagination of the readers.

Steps to writing a narrative essay

These are the steps to writing a narrative essay.

  1. Think about the experience and the topic of the essay you are going to write. This is an important step, so do not skip it. You also must think about your memories, details and your experience. Don’t forget that you must include year, objects, location and season. The season is very important and including it into a paper is mandatory.
  2. Focus on telling the story as best as you can. Don’t forget to write in the first person. It is very important. Also, you must try to make your story alive. So, give all details, but do not give more than a reader wants to hear. A writer must use vivid description, so a reader has an impression that he is in the story.
  3. Read your essay and pay attention to the idea and the goal of it. Make sure you answered all questions and you managed to describe your goal. Here is the most important step, so pay a lot of attention.
  4. Read the paper again and pay attention to mistakes, sentences, idea and the quality of your project. In this step, you should modify and correct everything that you think should be corrected.
  5. Your paper is over. You can publish it.

What’s a narrative essay?

This is a paper where the writer talks about his personal experience. However, some papers may be based on other peoples’ experiences. In any case, the writer must ‘’drag’’ readers in that event. Also, he must answer to all questions that readers have.

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