Thesis Proposal Tips

A thesis proposal writing task is not the easiest one. However, it will involve the reader in the original research. It is the best way to develop your skills and present your knowledge. Thesis proposal is much recommended for students who want to get their Ph.D. degrees. You should have your thesis proposal in case of a research-related employment. You will have a talk with the committee. You should report about the work that was made by you and guided by your teacher.

An Outline

The thesis proposal outline we have here is a common sample that can be not appropriate to some subjects. So, there is a task for you to negotiate with your professor about the thesis proposal you will have and all the details of its subject. But, you can always try to modify this sample outline to your needs. Besides that, you can always find some thesis proposals online and use them as a sample.

  1. Background of the study (with general and specific backgrounds, key features definitions, and literature review)
  2. Methodology (with general approach identification, subjects, limitations, and methods)
  3. Results outline
  4. Conclusions
  5. Sources & Materials


A thesis proposals writing guide

Most of the thesis proposal cases are for students with postgraduate research degree. This type of paper can be written by a submission only.


The main and only aim of any thesis proposal is to convince professor and whole school that your research is very significant, and there is a great need for it to be done. Besides that, you should show them that you can give something really important and significant for the science and the whole research field. Do not forget to tell about the period of time your research is planned to be finished. Mostly, the period of time should be not more than three years. And another main point for you is your personal skills, capabilities, and interest to deal with the whole topic of your research and thesis proposal.


There is a difference between Masters and Doctorate thesis proposal. Obviously, the main difference is just about some mandatory new point in Ph. D. Besides that, these types of thesis proposal defer just with length and complexity.


A thesis proposal should have a written report for the presentation. Also you can always show it to someone who are involved into the subject of your research.


It is not the easiest task to prepare your thesis proposal for the presentation. There will be lots of drafts for your paper for sure. And the task for you is to write constantly to have it finished on-time. But, there is a perfect opportunity for you to have the help of professionals. Just try to work with our company and you will have your thesis proposal on-time and of the best quality.